| By Long Island Tennis Magazine Staff

Last year as the 2013 U.S. Open was just starting, New York-based Lux-Craft Inc. was working to complete the installation of first ever LED-based lighting system at Robbie Wagner’s Tournament Training Center in Glenwood Landing, N.Y. Coincidence or not, the two historic events were taking place at the same time.

After years of research and development, it all came down to two weeks in August. By the time U.S. Open Finals were played, the new lighting installation was complete, and all involved were anxiously waiting for the results.

The road for Lux-Craft’s engineers was not easy, and there were many sceptics who were convinced that the technology was simply not ready and that the system would not produce the needed results.

From the day the new lighting system was operational at Robbie Wagner’s, it became obvious that a new lighting revolution had begun. During the next few days and weeks as more coaches and players experienced the LED lighting, the impact of an improved lighting environment became clearer and impressive. The quality of the light amazed everyone who experienced playing under the LEDs, as vivid colors and clarity of the ball made practice much more enjoyable.

Robbie Wagner was looking to improve his club’s lighting, and was extremely pleased as more and more players and coaches complimented him. The real surprise came with arrival of first electrical bill … a 60 percent overall savings over the old lighting system.

Lux-Craft is continuously working to make improvements and advances in LED lighting technology. The company is determined to manufacture high-quality luminaires for sports facilities, as they have dedicated thousands of hours in seeking out researching the best materials. All assembly and testing is done locally in New York, and with a five-year standard guarantee, the company is confident that they can vastly improve the lighting systems at tennis clubs. All of that, combined with substantial energy savings, is guaranteeing that we are going to see more LED technology in the future of the tennis industry.