| By Kathy Miller

At the time this issue went to print, some of the 18 & Over League playoffs were still in progress and the 55 & Over League was still playing its local season matches. The winning teams in the 40 & Over League are as follows:

►​Women’s 3.0: Sportime Massapequa (Captains Debbie Trimboli & Kelly Walther)

►Women’s 3.5: Carefree Racquet (Captain Denise Michel)

►Women’s 4.0: Sportime Syosset (Captain Sharon Zuch)

►Women’s 4.5: Carefree Racquet (Captains Donna Ryan & Sally Disabato)

Men’s 3.0: Long Beach Tennis Center (Captain Joe Esposito)

►Men’s 3.5: Point Set (Captain Brian Katz & Anthony Cristi)

►Men’s 4.0: Eastern Athletic-Blue Point (Captains Steve Subject & Jeff Kee)

►Men’s 4.5: Sportime Syosset (Captain Andy Ross)

The winning teams in the 18 & Over League are as follows:

Women’s 2.5: Huntington Indoor (Captain Yvonne Evelyn)

►Women’s 3.0: Winner undecided at time of publishing

►Women’s 3.5: Winner undecided at time of publishing

►Women’s 4.0: Sportime Kings Park (Captain Michelle Stoerback)

►Women’s 4.5: Sportime Kings Park (Captain Tina Buschi)

►Women’s 5.0: Sportime Lynbrook (Tina Buschi)

Men’s 3.0: Sportime Massapequa (Captains Jerry Kinalis & Sergio Rivera)

►Men’s 3.5: Long Beach (Captain Andrew Camacho)

►Men’s 4.0: Sportime Kings Park (Captain Wayne Freeman)

►Men’s 4.5: Sportime Roslyn (Captains Art Kornblit & Robert Scherr)

►Men’s 5.0: Christopher Morley (Captain Sean Worth)

The 55 & Over League will begin their playoffs mid-August, with their sectional event set for the weekend of Sept. 27-29. We wish all of our advancing teams the best of luck!

Next up will be the Tri-Level League (three doubles courts, one at the 3.5 Level, 4.0 Level and 4.5 Level). Details have not yet been worked out, but we are planning to run it as a weekend event like we did last year. We will do the best we can with which weekends in October, but I cannot take into account everyone’s plans, and whether or not teams are going to Nationals. It’s a lot of court time I am going to have to find, and it has to be based on that.

The Mixed-League will begin the end of October and run through April 2015. I will be e-mailing last year’s captains in September. If you would like to captain a new team this year, please e-mail me at kathym65@aol.com.

Kathy Miller is the manager at Carefree Racquet Club and is also the Adult League Coordinator for USTA/Long Island. She may be reached at kathym65@aol.com.